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Christmas nearly here MERRY XMAS TO YOU ALL!!!

Merry christmas to you all :)


now i would love richie to do some spooky christmas books i dont know why but i love creep christmas books :)

i think richie would hate me if i was her publisher i would be demanding her to pop out three books at least a month hahah :) she just has the knack of making the atmosphere perfectly creepy in her writing love it!!

anyway merry christmas everyone (ooooh third time i said that not deleting it i love xmas) :)

whats everyone upto this christmas?, im having family over and then i will be watching my children open their presents and then MOVE OVER KIDS mummy is playing with the toys lol seriously i will never grow out of the toys at christmas phase lol

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Merry Christmas. And for anyone who doesn't celebrate Christmas: enjoy the holidays :)

I would die if she wrote that many books. I wouldn't have time to do anything! Haha. Although I certainly wouldn't complain. I could read her all day every day :p SUCH GOOD BOOKS!

A Christmas-themed story would be interesting. She's already tackled Halloween and April Fools Day.

I'm going to visit my family, my husbands family... run around like a chicken with my head cut off... lol. I'm just glad I don't have to work.

true but ah it would be heaven if she wrote that much :)


I love christmas!!!!


I will probably be the same i have to cook for 9 people which for me is alot because im so useless in the kitchen lol but luckily im not going to my partners family for christmas this year so i will have a bit of a break with the kids :)  Cant see alot of my family this year because of the weather :(

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