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recently read this, i have avoided it for ages because of a lot of criticism of how richie repeats the pirate story throughout the book, however on reading it, i didnt find it half as repetitive as people said i actually quite liked the book, it was really spooky. what did y'all think of the pirate story in it.....?

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I really liked it a lot, myself. I liked the background story of the widow's walk and all that. I kind of have a thing for stories involving the ocean/beach and nautical stuff.
Yes, I would have to agree! I thought it was much better than I'd originally thought it would be.
I read it before I had heard any criticism. But I have seen on a few unflattering reviews. I really don't see why, though. I thought it was very well-done.
I just finished the Drifter last night. I really liked it, but I was a little confused by the letter at the end. The letter to Carolyn from Matthew. Does anybody have any comments about that letter? I'm confused b/c at first I thought it was to Carolyn from Joss, then I thought it might be a letter Andy or Joss found in the house that was to Carolyn from Matthew and they mailed it to her from wherever they were. I hope this question makes sense...
I haven't read it in a little while... but I remember thinking that Joss and/or Andy wrote the letter and sent it to Carolyn. They signed it from Matthew just as a nod toward the whole ordeal they went through. Like a "we'll never forget you" kind of deal? If that makes any sense... I don't know, I could be completely wrong. But that's how I read it.

I think the letter was from Joss.  The first line makes me think he was referencing their kiss.  Then he writes "among my men there has been not one fatality", I believe to convey that Andy is fine.  The only part that doesn't really fit is the line about the "solitary gentleman".  Is he referring to himself in the third person as part of the coded nature of the letter?  Anyway, the tone sounds like Joss, and he did seem to have, at least in my opinion, a much deeper connection with Carolyn. 

The only thing that still bothers me about the ending is why Joss would chase after Carolyn to keep her from going back to the house, yet stop once he had the key.  Because the treasure really was more important to him?  Or because he knew once Nora had the treasure, Carolyn's life would no longer be in danger?  He does, after all, leave the treasure with Carolyn at the end.  

And finally, do you think Joss ever returns to Carolyn?  Is that who she sees watching the house? 


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