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Hi, guys!

First of all, I want to thank you for accepting me into the discussion board! I was completely excited the moment I found out it existed and even now I'm still completely elated! :)

But I was wondering if any of you fellow-fans out there had ever created anything in honor of the books? Collages, drawings, paintings, photography in honor of, poems or anything like that along the lines of fan art! I have found that it's actually a way for me to continue to stay heavily involved in the world of the book and it makes me love them even more!

Years ago (we're talking 2003, here!), I had drawn a picture of Daniel and Emma in the cellar from House Next Door- it has since become a retired relic of artwork for me, but I have always wanted to do it again as I grew older and gained more experience. About a year ago, I did a some-what cartoonish version of Emma and Charlie, though it has remained unfinished. I want to go through some parts of the book eventually and work on scenes that I love in particular and go through other books as well! Things in my head from Unseen and Spirit Walk as well! I'm going to work on in the very soon future here a mock set of photographs of the Spirit Walk gang, hopefully, but right now (I'm taking a break as I type) I'm working on a moment between Miranda and Etienne!

If you can believe it also, I'm creating my own worlds in the Sims 3 and making the characters and setting them in the sims settings with their own homes and such! I obviously can't do things exactly in order or even the way I want them to but it is so much fun to try to similate it and play with them! (I'm not too far, but I've spent weeks trying to make an impressive version of the old Farmington house!)

I'm not an artist by any measure, but I'll always be happy to share my fan art with anybody here! (Minus the old Daniel and Emma, though... that one is downright embarassing, haha!) But thanks again for welcoming me and I hope to talk to you all soon!

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Thank you for joining... it's been really dead on here lately and it's good to see someone new :)

That is a really awesome idea. I, for one, would love to see them. I have never made any myself, but it's a very interesting concept. 

And in regards to the Sims... I used to do that with Sims 2... hehe. I always thought I was kind of a nerd, but I'm glad to see I am not the only one! It's hard finishing a book... you grow to love the characters so much and then you just can't help but wonder what's next. 

Feel free to post any drawings or art on here anytime. Or anything else you might want to discuss. 

Thanks again for joining!

I saw that the last post here was sadly in February so I was almost a little hesitant to post anything! But i'm so glad that there are people here still that are just as excited and passionate as I am!

Well as I finish them and scan them, I will be happy to post them to share! I've always loved to draw to bring to life characters I see in my head... it never is the way I picture them exactly, but I definitely try!

I've done that with all of the Sims games! I'm glad I'm not the only one too! I don't understand how people can just make up random people in that game. I always have an ulterior motive!

Alright so I finished it! It isn't 100% what I want it to be, but I'm thinking that it will do for now- unless I ever get the urge to do any major changes! I am anxious to see what you guys think of it! I plan on doing more from other books and more from these ones as well! I hope you like it!

Sorry it took me so long to respond... that is awesome! I wish I could draw like that. Very gorgeous representation. I'd love to see more!

Thanks for the encouragement! I appreciate it! I'm going to try to start another soon! Unfortunately real life has gotten in the way! We'll see what comes next!

That is beautiful!  Wish I could draw like that.

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