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Has anyone ever purchased a kindle/ e-reader version of a book?

Hey all!

Like I stated in my title, has anybody actually ever purchased a kindle edition of one of Richie's books? I saw on her FB page that the open road media had a sale on 3 books- "Scarecrow", "Bloodroots", and "Trick Or Treat" and while I had Scarecrow and Bloodroots is actually en route to my house since ordering it from Better World Books, I took up the offer on the third! While I could enjoy the book and get what was going on while I read it, I did notice that the digital format was not that great! Not sure if there were mistakes made in translation or what, but many times it had simple errors like "Come oh," instead of "Come on," making no sense throughout the book. And I am not as familiar with kindle editions as I only recently purchased my tablet with the app on it, but there were no italics. I had to try to discern thoughts and inflection on words on my own. It wasn't hard, but it was disjointed and offputting, as it seemed to melt in with the other actions of the book!

All in all? I like the digital format and I am glad that the books that were previously out of print and only popped up on ebay once in a blue moon are actually now instantly accessible. Plus if the sale benefits her directly, I'm all for it, as opposed to buying the OOP editions from a random seller online! I love supporting my favorite artists for any of their creations. Though I do wish they'd clean it up with the things I'd already mentioned!

The bonus part at the end included previously unseen pictures and an updated biography, which was also a wonderful treat! I'd definitely consider buying some more in the future!

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