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Have you ever had any ghostly experiences?

Well... the lovely Miss Richie mentioned this in the latest newsletter. And I agree that it's a very interesting topic.

I, for one, do believe in ghosts. I have never seen one, but when I was little, I do believe there was one living in our house. My family (at the time just my parents and I) used to live downstairs from my Memere. On a few occasions, when my Memere was up North, visiting other relatives, we would hear footsteps upstairs. Also, we heard music coming from her piano. My father thought someone had broken in, so he went upstairs with a baseball bat. No one was there, the windows and doors were all shut, with all locks in tact. It happened a few times. No explanation. I definitely think it was a ghost (and so do my parents).

Like I said, I've never actually seen a ghost, but I would be interested to see one some day. I just hope I don't have a heart attack as a result... lol

What about you all? Do you believe in ghosts? Ever had any eerie experiences?

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I don't know if this would actually be considered a 'ghostly' encounter, and I'm not sure if I even believe in ghosts, but this was definitely not a normal, everyday thing. Years ago, I was at the lake with a friend and my mother when this black mist surrounded us and just disappeared. I didn't think anything of it until recently, when I was watching Ghost Hunters, and they talked about this ghost that appeared in the form of a black mist, just like that time at the lake.
My mother and I, who was watching this with me, instantly glanced at each other in shock, both remembering the mist at the lake at the same time. It was very eerie, to say the least. It's not much, but that was my only experience. :)
Ooh that does sound pretty eerie :o

i have had a few 'experiences' that freak me out- and i know of a few other people who have had 'spooky things' happen to them, i would never rule out ghosts i definately think there are some walking the streets with us.


The spookiest exerperience i can think of is when i was younger and living at home the bedroom i stayed in i used to have a lot of (what i thought were) nightmares, i used to wake up with a vivid impression of a guy with an axe standing behind me next to my closet, i thought it was a dream for years i told maybe a couple of people i think. Anyway a couple of years later a relative stayed over she took my room for a couple of days, the first night she stayed there she told us there was no way she would sleep in there again- she had the same 'dream' i had had all those years, it was sooooo freaky funnily the people i told about the dream never knew or even met this relative, about a year on a friend stayed over and woke up very freaked she just said she had a feeling of being watched. after i moved out my mum decorated for my little sister to move in there, and since then there has being nothing.  Weird or what lol :)

In the past few weeks, I'm starting to believe that my current apartment might have some kind of... presence... in it. My husband watched a bag of candy throw itself off the table... no one was moving around, it wasn't on the edge... Also, sometimes our bedroom door magically opens... even though we shut it tight. And last night... our Christmas "wreath" fell off the door (it's on the inside). We were both asleep. The rope it hangs from snapped... and the wreath isn't even heavy :o

ooooh sounds creepy lol do things like that scare you at all then?


with me i totally squeal lol but half in delight and half because im terrified, i can be so immature haha but i do love being scared ( i have richies writing to thank for that lol )

This has not happened to me. I was not at home at the time this occured, but during two different times glass has broken in our kitchen. No one was in the room and our dogs were outside. First time the oven door shattered into like a million pieces. We are still finding glass. The oven was not on at the time and my older sister, that had come back from college, was in the other room when it happened. The second time the middle window on the door leading outside shattered. The door was completely closed and the dogs outside started to bark. My two younger siblings were both at home and not in the same room. We still cannot explain how it could have broken. 

There has also been another incident that I heard. I did not see anything. I was about to fall asleep when I heard something shuffling through the boxes in my room. My dogs started barking rapidly afterwards. Strangest expeirence that has happened to me.

All these incidents have happened at the house we are renting now. Appartently we are the first tenants to complain about weird things happening.

Hmm. Maybe the ghost likes you more than the last tenant and wants to communicate with you!
Possible. I wish we actually knew what we were dealing with though. I might start calling it Ghostie just to see what happens. :D

Haha. Sounds like a plan!

Thank you for joining us, by the way. Please feel free to post whatever whenever. :D

I have seen eyes in corners of rooms and white orbs in back alleys

Ooh spooky!

I've seen TONS of orbs in photos of myself. I'm convinced they're my Grampy looking out for me :)

Lots of cats too and little girls in dresses standing in farm yards. Who knows if they are real girls or not :)

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