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Have you ever had any ghostly experiences?

Well... the lovely Miss Richie mentioned this in the latest newsletter. And I agree that it's a very interesting topic.

I, for one, do believe in ghosts. I have never seen one, but when I was little, I do believe there was one living in our house. My family (at the time just my parents and I) used to live downstairs from my Memere. On a few occasions, when my Memere was up North, visiting other relatives, we would hear footsteps upstairs. Also, we heard music coming from her piano. My father thought someone had broken in, so he went upstairs with a baseball bat. No one was there, the windows and doors were all shut, with all locks in tact. It happened a few times. No explanation. I definitely think it was a ghost (and so do my parents).

Like I said, I've never actually seen a ghost, but I would be interested to see one some day. I just hope I don't have a heart attack as a result... lol

What about you all? Do you believe in ghosts? Ever had any eerie experiences?

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Interesting. Perhaps you should write a novel about that! Very intriguing!

we lived in a haunted house once. i was 8 and it was really spooky in the middle of nowere and our dog just hid behind the sofa the whole time wimpering we had to drag her out for her dinners. at night footsteps walked along to the bedroom door of my mums room then stopped. one night she waited at the door for the footsteps then quickly opend the door when they stopped. but no one was there. i hated that house it was so cold and dark, i never saw anything but i could feel i was being wached. we moved out within a few weeks my parents who arnt normaly afraid about that sort of thing couldnt wait to leave. it was a shame really i had just been to school for a few weeks and had just made new friends. 


another one i think i saw a ghost were i am now but cant be sure. my husbands mum had died and the night we found out i went to sleep thinking about her. when i woke i swear i saw her she was crounched as tho sitting on a invisible chair leaning forward as tho waching something. i was still half asleep i sat up and looked gain and there was nothing there and nothing that could of made the shape. i told my husband and he said thats exactly how she used to sit. anyway im not sure if i did see her or not. but after that i had my baby, and i hated going into the bedroom at night i could allways feel as tho someone was sat by hes cot. it was weird so anyway i called out feeling very dumb! if there is anyone there please leave! from then i never felt like anyone was there anymore. my husband thinks maybe it was hes mum again  waching the baby. i felt a little guilty incase there really was someone there and it was hes mum and i told her to go away.



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