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I find it so weird... but...

does anyone else go all moody and fall in love with the male characters in Ms.Cusicks books? Or is it just me?? and also.. i ALWAYS end up crying and yet insist on reading them time and time again?!

Is it just me or ..?

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It's hard not to get attached to any of her main characters, in my opinion. They're just so well-written and lovable... how can you not feel for them?
I agree with you. I love the male characters (and all the others). One of my favorite guys is Jinx from Fatal Secrets. He's so adorable the way he's mean to Ryan b/c he likes her. It reminds me of little boys and how they pull the hair of the girls they like.
I also LOVED Jinx...
And Wit... from Silent Stalker...
And many others... :)
Lol, I totally agree! Her characters are so well developed in all of her stories! I will never forget when I read "April Fools" for the first time and I actually cried at the end because I was so disappointed that Noel turned out to be involved in the scheme. But at least he tried to save her at the end! And yes, I own all of the books from "Evil on the Bayou" up to the first 2 "Unseen" novels, and I've read all of them over and over again! I'm now in my mid 20's and I still consider her to be my favorite author because she has such a gift for character development. She makes it really easy to empathize with the characters and really get a good feel for them.
I'm 24 myself, and she has been my favorite author since I was 11. So I can totally relate :)
I'm 23 and have been a fan since I was around 11 or 12. I think that shows how great these books and characters are, that we can enjoy them at 11 or 24.
I read Silent Stalker a few days ago. Erika, I have to agree with you. I loved Wit! Some of the things he said made me laugh out loud, which made my roommate look at me like I was crazy. My favorite was, "Boys will be boys. They can't very well be girls" or something like that...
I'm so glad you enjoyed him as much as I did :) He really is awesome.
OMG.. Noel... i cried so much at that... and Justin in the Lifeguard and not forgetting Matt in The Unseen.
I have never cried so much at a book as i did the fourth part of the unseen...

  Lance from Someone at the Door.  It used to pain me to think of him because I sooo wanted him to be real.  And be mine >:D.

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