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just wonder how the adult novels are different from the teens?

i still havnt bought a new book, im re-reading my old point horrors. then i will buy the richie tankersley books i havnt yet read before finaly buying her adult books :) but i just wondred why the adult books are adult, i know teens can read them to but i mean how are they different eg- more horror/violence/gore/sex... or if its just the language like more difficult words? anyway i dont mind i know they are going to be a brilliant read when i do get them as all her books have been amazing!

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The adult books are definitely more horror/violence/gore and sex. But in a good way. They are two of her best books, in my opinion. The language is slightly different, I guess, but I wouldn't say more difficult. You will love them, I'm sure of it :)
i cant wait! think i might have to read them sooner! what are they called again? i will see if i n get them on amazon


Blood Roots



thankyou :) i can get blood roots but cant find scarecrow sure it will be there soon tho
Have you gotten to buy any of the new books you were looking for, yet?
hi, sorry not been on here for a while im just searching for a new book now, was just checking the book list you gave me, still need to read drifter and the locker :) is walk of the spirits a new one? oh and shadow spirits. ive een these 2 on ebay but no second hand ones
Yes, they are relatively new and still in print. Her latest series :)

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