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I've always think it's interesting to here peoples opinion on whether books should be made into movies. So does anyone think any of Richie's books should be made into movies? Do you think a movie would ruin certian (or all) of the books? and out of curiosity if you do think a movie should be made do you have any thoughts on casting?

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I think it would be tough to pull off a good adaptation, so I haven't thought of it much. But I know there are some other members here who should jump all over this topic :)
I believe that Richie's books could be made into a TV show. I think if the Walk of the Spirits was made into a TV show that would definitely be amazing. I think some of her books could be made into movies, but I would definitely look forward to a TV show being made from one of her books. I think it depends on who is directing it and what they leave out for a book to be horribly ruined.
I totally agree with who's directing it commnet. I often really want some one to make a movie of some book, cause I just love the book, and want more of it, but then I end up dreading it, because often whoever makes the movie just interperts it all wrong, and really ruins whatever made the book great in the first place.

im not keen on 'books to movies' or vice versa, if i read the book i cant watch the movie if i watch the movie first i cant read the books, because it just feels like im reading/watching a remade version with either too much description or not enough to the original that i have read/watched (if that makes sense lol).


(someone will yell no im sure) but i read the twilight books (i know shame on me) and i atually really enjoyed them, heard they were getting turned into a movie and havent read them since. i got put off by the whole 'movie thing' and havent watched the movies either. 


Basically nooooo i hate books that get made into movies :)

Haha. I'm not interested in Twilight myself, but no one will yell at you. Richie's my favorite author, but she's not the only author.


I'm like you, Natasha. I don't particularly want her books to be made into movies. Although... I would still go see it. lol

the unseen series!!  it would be great but only if they stuck with the books. tho then again i think the ending would be ruined,  i hated the way the 4th book still left me wanting to know what happens next

Yes they should be made into movies but only if I am the person to direct it, produce it, and cast it lol.I would like to see Silent Stalker made into a movie because I think the location and scenery would be wonderful...a mediveal castle and fair grounds..sounds pretty unique and awsome. And Vampire would be good too. Someone at the Door would be creepy, but I kind of didnt like the ending. And The Drifter would make for good scenic views too with the lighthouse near the ocean!

Oh and Trick or Treat HAS to be made into a movie! CREEPY!!!

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