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I just read it and I was so pleasantly surprised that she mentioned this discussion forum. I really didn't think she would read it, but I'm glad she does :) I think my little silly heart melted a little when I read that part of the newsletter (I am such a dork!) :p

So anyway, you all should check it out. And then... we can discuss? :D

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I just read it as well. It was exciting that she mentioned this place. The whole thing was very interesting to me. Fall is my favorite season as well! But perhaps the best part is... my dad loves horror movies. ALL horror movies. He's completely computer illiterate, so he often has me order movies for him from Amazon. Well, his favorites are the Subspecies and I always told him, "Dad, nobody watches those movies but you!" Anways, so after I read that Richie loves those movies as well, I got really excited and now can't wait to talk to my dad again so I can tell him that my favorite author loves his favorite movies. Erika, I think this whole post proves that I'm definately a dork as well! :)

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