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Has anyone here ever read or written any RTC fan fiction? I don't write fan fiction, but I've considered it before. I'd love to read someone's fan fiction if they've got it.


This forum is dying down already. Come back everyone! :p

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i havent wrote or read any :( , i'd love to read others though, if anyone has any put them on here lol, i'd love to read them :) i used to love writing stories lol but dont have time i have two young children who take up at least 23 hours of the day lmao
I did write one a little while ago... but it wasn't very good... and I haven't typed it on the computer. It's just in a note book somewhere.
Scan it... I'll strain my eyes trying to read it ;) lol
Maybe I'll attempt one some day. I'm just afraid of ruining some good stories, that's all. haha
Yeah, I always worry about that when I write something. I don't want to mess up the original story.
Anyways, I ended up typing the story out. It gives it a bit more of an editing air. Though I didn't really edit it after I typed it so it have a few errors. I still think it's probably pretty crappy but you can check it out if you want.
Its one for Walk of the Spirits... I wrote out a little thingy with Parker from when he was going through the Bayou. It's pretty much based on Walk of Spirits... it's got a little bit of kind of ideas from some stuff in Shadow Mirror... i don't think there is anything spoiler worthy but maybe if you haven't read it you should be cautious.
Wow, I really like that. Yes, there are a few errors that editing could fix, but overall, it's pretty well-written :)
Great job! Thanks for sharing! :)
Thankyou :) yeah I figured there would be some errors; I was just in a really lazy non-editing mood.
Haha that's okay. It's good stuff. Maybe I'll make a page on here to post fanfiction or something.
yeah, that would be pretty cool... I don't know how many people here actually do fan fiction but it would still be neat... I don't know if I was going to write more other than that... I was flaking with the idea of doing the same thing with a couple of scenes from shadow mirror, but I don't really know... plus I got like twenty other random stories I started and should finish instead :P
Anyone else on here have anything to submit? :D
I write fan fiction, and I started writing one for Walk of the Spirits, but I really didn't know where I was going with it, so I kind of gave up on it. There's actually a website for fan fiction (, but they don't have a category for Walk of the Spirits or Shadow Mirror. I wish they did though.
fanfiction net is a good one, i go on there, not sure if i've ever come across any richie ones though, great site though.
Do you still have your fanfic that you started, Samantha? I'd like to read what you did write.. even if it's not finished... lol

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