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Has anyone here ever read or written any RTC fan fiction? I don't write fan fiction, but I've considered it before. I'd love to read someone's fan fiction if they've got it.


This forum is dying down already. Come back everyone! :p

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I use fanfiction... as far as I can tell, and I have looked, there isn't any richie.. though now that I think about it I never did check for unseen, but yeah I don't think they have any, although you can suggest they add new catagories.
:) I have it somewhere. It's in one of my millions of notebooks. Haha. Once I find it, I'll be sure to send it to you. :)

Erika said:
Do you still have your fanfic that you started, Samantha? I'd like to read what you did write.. even if it's not finished... lol
Sounds good, Samantha :)

I've been working on something and I will share it here when I'm ready. ;)

That's awesome, we'd love to see it :)

Also, thanks for joining! 

Happy to be here. RTC is a terrific writer and I've enjoy her work. 

Erika said:

That's awesome, we'd love to see it :)

Also, thanks for joining! 

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