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So I was searching for a copy of scarecrow last night and came across your discussion forum. I read scarecrow about 15 years ago and the details are still fresh in my mind. The writing style Ritchie uses make it so easy to relate to the main character. Still looking for scarecrow and a few of her other novels as well. If anyone knows a website selling for reasonable prices would be interested to hear about it thanks! 

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Welcome to the Forum, Gailye :)


I find the best place to buy Richie's out-of-print books is


^That link^ should bring you straight to a list of copies of The Scarecrow. Anytime you buy a used book from a seller on Amazon, it's going to be 3.99 for shipping. Other than that, the prices of the book it self can vary greatly. I see a copy there rated "Very Good" for just $1.98 (+shipping). Obviously it is up to you to decide which one you'll buy, but I hope this helps you.


You can also find most of her other books on Amazon as well. If there's still one you can't find, I suggest trying or The only problem with ebay is you REALLY have to watch the shipping prices, as some sellers can be quite expensive.


I really hope you find what you're looking for and hopefully you'll be back to talk about some of her other novels in the near future! :)

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