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What/Who/How/When were you introduced to richie's books?

for me it was the amazing point horror books, i started reading r.l.stine goosebumps but then moved onto point horrors started collecting those, once i had read all the point horror books to the 'point' (no pun intended) of insanity i started looking up the authors of those and moved onto their other writing richie has become a firm favourite ever since for me.


I was probably about maybe 8 when i read my first point horror book, and got hooked then i am  now 24 and still hooked lol I think my first place of reading thm would have been either in my school library or one my mum had bought me.


how about you ?

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My experience was a little more random. I actually wasn't too big on reading. I had previously been a fan of Goosebumps, but then I kind of grew out of them and didn't read much. But when I was in 6th grade (1997-1998 school year) we used to have this period right after lunch called SSR. I can't remember exactly what it stood for, but it was time where everyone would independently read any book of their choice. The bookshelf in the classroom happened to have Silent Stalker and The Mall on it. I can't remember which one I picked first, but I started reading it and I was hooked. The next day, I went to grab that same book, but I ended up grabbing the other one (because of the similar-looking spines, I got them confused). Eventually I realized there were two books by the same author, and so I read them both (again, I can't remember which one I finished first). I thought they were amazing. This was a time before I had internet access, so it was at least a few more months before I read any more of her books. Then (may have been 7th grade?) I found a few more of her books (Starstruck, Overdue, Help Wanted, and The Locker?) at a school book fair. I begged my parents to buy them for me (and I was a little spoiled, so I did get them). After reading those, I was completely addicted. We ended up going to Barnes and Noble and having them look her up as an author, and over the next few months, we'd order one book at a time until I pretty much had all the in-print books. My parents were just so excited that I was actually wanting to read, they didn't mind. Come Christmas time, I got the few last books that I didn't have. After that, I discovered the wonders of the internet and we started ordering all the out-of-print books I didn't have (Evil on the Bayou-Teacher's Pet in no particular order). And then I was so excited when I looked her up online again one day to see that there was a new book, The House Next Door, available for pre-order on Since then, I've been buying them as they come out. I still find it so exciting when I see that a new book is available for pre-order. I always pre-order it right away. And then I nearly die from the suspsense of waiting! Haha.


Wow... I just told you my whole life story... lol. Didn't mean to get to in-depth. But anyway... that's my who, what, when, where, and why of my Richie infatuation :)

lol the times before internet -remember those lol i used to find them in library but when i wanted to buy them for myself it was sooo much harder. The point horror books were very popular here in the UK but the actual authors other work wasnt so popular- some stores had like maybe a couple books from each author.


We had something similar to SSR we had to go pick a book of our choice then sit reading quietly, alot of the time people just sat whispering to each other and giggling lol.... but then they brought in Goosebumps and Point Horror books to the school and people wanted to read. :)

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